Software Development

Software Development

Software Development

At Inforadient Technologies, our software development company, we provide comprehensive software services to help bring your ideas to life. Our team of experienced developers uses advanced tools and technologies to design, build, test, and maintain software applications to meet your needs and requirements.

We follow the following software development life cycle:

  1. Collecting Requirements and analysis: Before we can start making the software, we work with clients to understand and study the software requirements and determine how they can be met. Milestones are set, and the client is informed about them. After the completion of each milestone, an update is given to the client, so he is well informed about the progress.
  2. Design: The actual development starts later because first the design is finalized with the client. Our skilled designers design the software architecture, and it is presented to the client. It allows us to divide the work into modules and components to make things more organized. After approval, things shift over to the development stage.
  3. Implementation: Implementation and coding of the software is the actual process in the software development procedure. We have an experienced team of developers that are well-versed in multiple programming languages so that your software needs are fulfilled whatsoever. The development team is led by a team lead and the management is taken care of by a project manager. The project manager ensures that the work is done according to the deadlines provided to the client. Moreover, his job also includes making sure all programmers work together to make things quick and increase problem-solving procedures.
  4. Testing: After all the coding is completed, the testing phase initiates. Testing is also a vital step in the software development procedure. It consists of two major steps, which are divided into smaller parts. In the first step, a team sits and analyzes if all the requirements and milestones discussed with the client are met. If something is missing, the work is sent back to the development team to complete the missing tasks. After the tasks are completed its sent back to the team and reviewed. The second procedure consists of quality assurance where the software is tested from all angles. Moreover, it is also tested for bugs. Bugs are removed as they leave passageways for hackers to harm the software. Additionally, at our software development company, the software goes through testing procedures to make sure it can sustain any load.
  5. Deployment: After successful testing, it is then sent for production and made available for end users. Along with this, a feedback portal is also made so that any issues faced by users can be reported back to the team. The team at the backend studies the issues and sits together to find possible solutions for them.
  6. Maintenance: Our job doesn't finish just making the software and then providing it to the client, because after production its maintenance is also carried out. At our software development company, the maintenance procedure consists of methods that make the software better by fixing any bugs until the software reaches its maximum performance. Furthermore, the better the software is, the lesser the chance it will be hacked by an outsider. However, the software is already coded in such a way that it is almost impossible for anyone to hack it.

Apart from the facts stated above, Info Radiant offers a range of software development approaches, including waterfall, agile, and DevOps to meet the requirements of each project. In conclusion, our ultimate goal is to deliver exceptional quality software that exceeds the client's expectations and helps them achieve their business objectives.


We believe that Inforadient Technologies is the ideal place for you where you should do your software development work because we believe we have the team as well as the expertise to fulfill all your needs. Apart from them, we also ensure work is done on time without affecting the quality of work.

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